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Sell Your Land Fast To People You Can Trust

If you’re looking to dispose of a piece of unwanted land to free up valuable cash, reduce your risk and quit paying taxes, EagleView Land Sales can help.

Mike Connolly EagleView Land Sales Founder And CEO

Having been involved in real estate since childhood, and bought, developed and sold dozens of properties, Mike Connolly created EagleView Land Sales to help land owners easily turn their unwanted land into cash.

Mike has bought, improved and sold dozens of properties, including land, houses and commercial real estate. His specialty today is helping land owners unlock their equity for cash, at a fair price with no closing costs or realtor fees.

Why Work With EagleView Land Sales?

Whether your parcel is in a rural, undeveloped area, making it hard to sell through traditional means, or an “infill” lot in a well established neighborhood, selling direct to EagleView Land Sales gives you several unique advantages.

1. A Simple and Efficient Process: You’ll enjoy a more streamlined and efficient process compared to listing with a real estate agent. There’s simply far less paperwork, inspections, and negotiations to deal with. And the transaction can be completed quickly, saving you time and effort.

2. Cash Transactions: With a cash transaction, there’s no need for mortgage approvals and potential delays associated with financing. This provides you with the assurance of a quick and guaranteed closing.

3. Flexible Terms and Conditions: You’ll find we offer a great deal of flexibility in creating the ideal solution for whatever your situation is. We’re also open to creative financing options to help you save on both property taxes and capital gains taxes. This flexibility can help you get the best combination of price and terms for your land.

4. Expertise in Land Investments: As land specialists, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a quick and viable offer you can count on closing. Discussing your particular parcel with our team means tapping into our expertise in providing you with an all-cash, zero closing cost offer for your land.

5. Bypass The Middleman, Skip The Fees: Selling directly enables you to avoid any realtor commissions or fees, which can often be substantial. By eliminating these costs, you retain a larger portion of the sale proceeds, maximizing the cash you receive for your vacant land.

Larry and Lynn Petersen

Mike, you and your team were great to work with!

“Mike is just one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! It could have been a way more stressful time, but Mike, you and your team were great to work with. Thank you so much!”

– Larry and Lynn Petersen

Arvada, Colorado

How We Work With Land Owners

Not sure if your land is something we might be interested in? We invest in all types of land; rural, suburban and even commercial… we will make an offer on almost any lot, helping you to get the cash you need for other investments.

While EagleView Land Sales is based in Boulder, Colorado we’re currently buying and selling vacant land throughout the U.S.

At the end of the day, our mission is to help vacant land owners literally “ditch the dirt for a pile of cash” — quickly, with no cost to close, and with a minimum of hassle.

We’d LOVE to help you turn your unwanted land into cash that you can put to better use elsewhere!

We look forward to working with you and are here to answer any questions you may have about selling vacant land!

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