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Thinking About Selling Your Vacant Land?

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Here’s a handy “FAQ” guide to common inquiries we get. It might just address a question you have. If you can’t find the answers you need, don’t hesitate to send us a message using this form, or give us a call (888) 303-4424

Q:  Can I expect a fair price for my land?

A:  Absolutely! Our pricing is designed to ensure that both parties benefit from the transaction. We may not offer retail prices, but keep in mind that we don’t charge any commissions, and we cover all administrative and closing costs.

What’s more, our cash payments ensure a speedy closing, reducing any concerns you may have about taxes, assessments, and property upkeep. The process of selling land can be slow and costly, especially when using a realtor. Our offer might end up saving you more in the long run. And remember, there’s no obligation to accept!

Q:  How do you calculate your offer?

A:  Our method is simple and straightforward. We compare your land with similar properties and their selling prices, factoring in future market trends. We then deduct realtor commissions and closing costs from the comparison based pricing.

We also estimate the market value of your particular type of land and our marketing expenses to find a buyer. And of course, we need to make a reasonable profit for our services.

When you receive an offer from Cash For Your Vacant Land, we’ll be happy to explain every detail so you can have a clear understanding of how it all works.

Q:  Will I encounter any hidden costs or fees?

A: No way! The offer we make is exactly what you’ll pocket. No hidden costs or sneaky fees here!

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?

We are direct buyers aiming to help you unlock the value of your land. We’ll then find a buyer for whom the property is a great fit. For instance, if you have a suburban lot, our plan would be to sell it to someone who dreams of building their home there.

Our mission is to make every property owner thrilled with their real estate decisions. If your land isn’t serving any purpose for you, we can provide you with cash to find something that better suits your needs.

Real estate agents, on the other hand, list properties (often at inflated prices) in the hope of securing a buyer and earning a substantial commission. To do so, you must sign a contract that ties you to them for a certain duration, and you’ll owe their commission regardless of how the property is sold – even if you find the buyer yourself.

Q:  If I receive an offer, am I obligated to accept?

A: Not at all! We value your freedom of choice. After you provide us with some basic information about your property, we’ll study the market and similar properties. We’ll then present you with an offer, usually within a day or two.

Whether you decide to sell or not is completely up to you. There’s absolutely no risk, obligation, or hassle.

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